Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Its been another good week in boardman!
So last week I told about how we found Humberto. Well we met with him a couple more times and taught him the lessons and he has agreed to be baptized on June 9th! He's so awesome, I think what caught his attention was when we first met him, Elder Evans invited him to church and told him that it could change his life for the better. Sure enough he came to church! He's read up to Jacob in the Book of Mormon since last Sunday and we can tell he's really experiencing a change and he is serious about making his life better, so we are really excited for him. Its awesome what changes the gospel can bring to the lives of others.
Jorge has been a bit slower, he is supposed to be baptized on the 16th of June but he works a lot and works all night Saturday, so its been hard to meet with him and hard to get him to church. But we're going to invite him to Dinner with the Jones family on Thursday so that will be good.
There is also a part member family, the Dunn's, that we've been visiting. Its a single mom with 3 kids. The mom is a member and the youngest daughter is a member, they got baptized about a year ago, but the older 2 kids aren't. The cool thing is that the older 2 are coming on the Pioneer Trek in June, so we borrowed 17 miracles and watched it with them, and it was a really good experience.
In other news, we traded cars with the AP's. So now instead of a gold-colored 2009 Chevy Malibu, we have a Charcoal-colored 2009 Chevy Malibu. I guess they want to put more miles on ours so they can retire it. I like the charcoal color though so I'm not complaining!
On Thursday night we took one of the Priests out on an exchange. His name was Matthew, we visited Humberto with him and then a Less active lady, and then we had some extra time so we asked him if he had any friends we could go visit, and he said he did, so we went and visited a female friend of his who had questions about the church. We told her about the Book of Mormon and left her one and she said she'd read it so it went well. Later on we found out her parents don't want us ever to come back. (Her Dad is an inactive member and Mom is a catholic) but we planted a seed, and even though her father has chosen to leave the church for whatever reason, there will come a point when she can make her own choice about it and, have the chance to accept it.
It was also good because we gave a young man the opportunity to get involved in missionary work and have the chance to share his belief with a friend so that was cool. We're going to try to do an exchange with a priest once or twice every week.
Well thats about it, hope everyone has a good week!
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