Saturday, July 7, 2012


Well its been a good week! I'm reporting to you live from the Downtown
Vancouver Library. Monday and Tuesday were spent saying goodbye to
everybody in Boardman, and I was up bright and early Wednesday to make
my way over to Vancouver, WA. We met up in Kennewick, and then I got
on the bus which took us back down into Oregon, past boardman, we
stopped in the Dalles, OR and dropped off some and picked up some.
Side note: I got to see Elder Bao at the Dalles transfer site. He was
making his way over to Yakima. Then from there we kept on going,
crossed the river just before Portland and here I am! Vancouver! Its
really pretty here. This side of the state is what you expect when
you're going to WA. Lots of trees and lots of Rain. Luckily I got here
when the rainy months ended.
Well its a really cool place! Kind of wierd to be in the big city
after being in rural areas for 7-8 months. Its kind of a change of
scenery. Its going to be difficult to learn my way around here. Well
there aren't as many hispanic people here as the other side of the
mission but there is a pretty good amount. The branch is strong. A lot
of the leadership is people that aren't hispanic but served Spanish
speaking missions and married hispanic women. So its a pretty good
back bone. We have an Awesome Branch mission leader, Bro. Mendoza. I
was really happy to have a Mission leader since the branch in
grandview didn't. It's a big help. So this week I've been meeting a
lot of people, and teaching some good lessons with Elder Hundley. I'm
finally sending pictures. Some of these are from boardman and some
from Vancouver. Well thats about it! Have a great week everyone!

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