Monday, March 25, 2013


We've been teaching a man name Jose, apparently he had met with the missionaries before and decided not to get baptized because his wife didn't want to do with the Church. We've met with him again; Estella's biggest concern is she doesn't want to read the "other book" just the bible. We're going to do our best to help her soften her heart. Jose read in Alma 7 and told us he believes its true, and believes it’s his second chance, so we're going to see what we can do this week. We met another family of 4 on Sunday afternoon, they were pretty nice, and were interested. They're moving to union gap next weekend, so they'll be in the Hermanas' area so that will be good. We've continued finding high amounts of investigators in our little Spanish district, and so it’s been cool. Everybody's teaching pools are getting built up and we're starting to see some miracles. The 4-ship had a baptism on Saturday, and I confirmed on Sunday. This was somebody Elder Diaz and I had started working with before the transfer, Iseah.(weird spelling of Isaiah) His mom is about 30 and she used to go to the branch when she was in young women's but her family fell away. After many many years of being off the map, she bumped in to sister Ibarra at fiesta foods and said she wanted to come to the church. Iseah is 9 and he was fun to work with. He's a bright kid, and he enjoys learning about the gospel and the scripture stories. I had the opportunity to interview him the Sunday before.

We hit a mile stone this week, Elder Hammond and I have now at least gone by to visit every family that we didn't know in our area. A lot of them had moved, so the next thing will be to call the phone numbers we have, or ask members to see if we can hunt some of them down. As district leader of the missionaries in our branch, I'm trying to think of ways we can get more organized and work together more. I could see it being a real blessing and a relief to the branch President.

Well I hope everybody has a good week!

Elder Derek Partridge


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