Monday, December 19, 2011

Baptism Friday

Its been a great week, we had lots of lessons so that was good.
We've had the opportunity to meet with Pedro and Isela a lot this
week. They feed us all the time, and Pedro has recognized that we are
men of God from day 1, but the problem is, Pedro is a very talkative
guy. We've had one lesson in 4 visits this week, because we get there
and Pedro talks alot! Its all religious conversation, and its been
good, because after one of the visits he said he was really greatful
for us coming over because other people he knows won't listen to him
when he starts talking about the Lord. He's optimistic and humble,
everytime we come I ask, How was your day today Pedro? How was work?
and he says, "You know, I can't complain. All days are good, all days
I'm blessed by the Lord with so many things" We had our Branch
Christmas Dinner on Saturday night and they came. It was awesome, we
had some good enchiladas and Rice and then we reenacted the Christmas
story, and I played the part of an Angel, and Elder Bao was one of the
Wisemen. We definitely have great expectations for Pedro and Isela's
Next Eduardo: Eduardo Solis was found by the investigators over a year
ago. We met with him about 2 weeks ago and shared some scriptures
about faith and asked him to pray about baptism, and that friday we
got a text from him telling us he had decided to be baptized! So
everythings been progressing good! He is 19 years old and he is
friends with some members and works for a Bishop in Prosser. We had
his baptismal interview yesterday and he passed! So he will be
baptized by his boss, Bishop Merrick, this Friday night at 7 o clock!
Its going to be pretty awesome! We're excited about him and his desire
to share the gospel with his girlfriend when she returns from
california, and his sister who he lives with, and theres also a chance
that he'll go serve a mission next year! So we are super excited about
The Rivera family, is very difficult to get a hold of, the mom and 2
sons are on date, but the dad and 2 daughters aren't. We call them all
week, and maybe catch them at home for 1 lesson a week. They won't
come to church, because of the Dad. He wants a sign but hasn't put any
effort into seeking for one. So hopefully we can turn that around this
week. We're going to try to get a lesson with them and one of the
member families.
Well we don't have much time We've got to drive to yakima for zone
pday! Sorry to cut this short!
Talk to you on sunday!

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