Friday, March 16, 2012

New investigators

Its been good here in Grandview this week. We've had a couple of interesting things happen. Tuesday we got a text from the assistants, Its a referral for a lady living in Benton city, about 20 miles away and 10 miles out of our area. Apparently she's is having a really hard time and is looking for a sign from God to not kill herself. Yeah pretty serious. They're not sending the sister missionaries for safety reasons and I guess we're the next closest Spanish missionaries, so we gave her a call and set up an appointment to go visit her this Tuesday.
Secondly, I don't know if it made it into the news but the ex-wife of Eddie Santos, one of our members here in Grandview was killed by her boyfriend Saturday Morning. They had 2 little sons, and she left him and the kids a while back to date someone else and he got violent. The boyfriend is now in Police custody. The family of Eddie, have all been a big part of the Spanish branch here in grandview. His dad used to be Branch president, and all his brothers and sisters live in the area so they were all gathered together in toppenish and the spanish missionaries in toppenish gave them all blessings of comfort. Apparently, Vicky, a former investigator and sister in law of Susanna Santos, was there and received a comfort blessing. Next thing we know, she wants to start meeting with us again. We looked at the teaching record, and she's been taught basically everything, so I guess something good is coming out of this tragedy. The family is all doing better now, from what I hear.

Other than that, we've been teaching lots of people, and hoping to continue having success. Have a good week everyone!

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