Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Place for a reason

Hey everyone! I'm emailing on tuesday because we had a little hiccup in the schedule, we weren't able to because the library was closed yesterday. Well it sounds like everyone had a good week.
I can't believe its September! Time has really been flying. Well it has been a good week here in Vancouver. One little set back is that Odi's baptism is going to be postponed. We're going to have to put a little bit more work into helping him quit smoking. We've got an arsenal of Ideas, so that will help. We fasted for him on sunday, and encouraged him to do the same. He's still eager to quit so we'll keep working with him.
Things are going good with German though. His friend in the branch Todd Kanekoa has been helping us a lot.
We've been seeing a few really cool experiences in the work here. One in particular happened last night. It was about 8 PM and our investigator, Ismael called to cancel his appointment. So we decided to contact a few referrals that we had received. We tried 1 and it fell through, and than we traveled to another one which also wasn't there. At this point, it was 8:30, we were close to our apartment, we had already used a lot of miles that day so we didn't want to drive farther away to try anyone else. It would have been really nice to just call it a night, but we decided we wouldn't. Moments later to teenagers come down the stairs carrying a dresser. We offered to help them move and they said to go up and ask their mom. We went up and offered and she agreed to let us help. so over the next 45 minutes we helped them move things out of their apartment, inbetween trips down the stairs answering questions about our mission. She ultimately gave us her phone number and said she'd be interested in learning more, and we went home feeling accomplished. Its true that the Lord always knows where we are and if we are being good boys he puts us in places for a reason.
Well everything else is going good. We're working hard and seeing success!
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Partridge

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