Monday, August 27, 2012

Tender Mercies

Well we had a reel good week here in Vancouver! Last Sunday we had a member bring his friend, German, to church. We talked to him a bit and set up an appointment for Tuesday. We went by Tuesday and had a lesson and got to know him a little bit. It turns out he's been taught everything by missionaries in the past. We talked about preparing for baptism, and he agreed to be baptized on September 15th! We met with him another time and he seemed to be really excited to do it, so we're going to review everything and than get him all ready! That was really a tender mercy. That night we were also able to meet with Odi, the brother in law of sister Morelli and we set a baptismal date for September 8th! So those are to great miracles we've seen this week!
We had interviews with President Greer also. It went pretty good, I talked with Sister Greer about how the family was doing and how the work in Vancouver was going. We had a good talk. President Greer talked about the approaching need for trainers and leadership in the spanish work, and that the younger group needs to step up to the plate and prepare themselves for these responsibilities. So, I might be training within a couple transfers! That will be exciting!
Some more good things that happened, we had a little scuffle in Relief Society between a less active member and a recent convert, to the which the recent convert had her feelings hurt and left church early. The branch members jumped in to the rescue and paid visits to this sister, and now the conflict has passed and she has decided she will return to the church, and she did come yesterday, so that was a relief! We went by with President Ross on saturday night, and she said that for a while she thought she would never go back to the church, but when the branch reached out in love to her, then she realized she needed to let it go. That was awesome. I loved seeing how quickly the members got on the ball to make sure we didn't lose a precious family.
We've been blessed with a lot of referrals from members and English missionaries this week. It has made doing work here in Vancouver a lot easier. Its hard because Vancouver is so big, and the hispanic population is spread out all over, and so it helps that when english missionaries tract into hispanic people, the send us over. We try to return the favor!
Well it was great to hear from everyone, hope you all have a great week!
Elder Derek Partridge

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