Monday, October 8, 2012


Well this week was pretty packed and busy. We've been trying to meet with our Investigators and then get them out to conference and all that. And than conference took a lot of time. But was very uplifting. We got Ismael out to the 2 saturday sessions so that was good. I was very surprised about the announcement that President Monson made. This is a very historic announcement I think. I think short term it will provide a big boost in missionaries, and long term, in conjunction with the new Young Mens, young womens, and seminary curriculum based on Preach My gospel that there will be more people that will be prepared and have the desire to serve missions. The work is hastening on! It appears this is also where the six week spanish pilot program comes in. Elder Holland stated in the press conference that the MTC training for all missionaries will be shortened by 1/3. This is a really exciting thing!
In other news our investigators are progressing pretty well here. Ismael is on track for baptism this Saturday. We just need to review a couple more things and than have his interview on Thursday. He really enjoyed conference and he says he likes church and believes in what we have taught him. We haven't been able to get in contact with German still sadly. It appears he is going to need more time. We met with Samira and Joel this week to and things were going good.
So this week I had authentic pupusas. The Pupusa is a food from El Salvador. I have tried it before at a taco truck in Boardman but this time I had them made by a real Abuela Salvadorena. They were so good. Essentially what it is, is a thick tortilla with beans and cheese cooked into it topped with cabbage and salsa rojo. They were very very good. I'm going to have her teach me how to make them before I leave.
Well thats all for this week, take care everyone!
con amor,
Elder Partridge

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