Monday, October 15, 2012

Ishmael's baptism

Hello everyone! We’ve had a super good week. Ismael's baptism went through without a hitch. He invited his daughters to come. It’s really cool how quick he accepted the gospel. He saw that it was good for him and he knew that it was true. I think what really got him was general conference. Last week he was saying he wasn't quite sure he'd be ready for the 13th but this week we met with him the Monday after conference and he said he was ready. He truly must of felt the spirit and truth of the words of the living prophet and apostles of god. He's awesome! Sister Ruiz invited a friend to the baptism and she also came to church the next day. So we're going to start teaching her. Its really cool how we receive blessings and people are placed in our path as missionaries.

Elder Holland's talk in General Conference was excellent. It was actually a modified version of a talk he gave at the MTC in January of 2011. Every companionship in our mission has a copy of it on DVD. I prefer the MTC version of it to the one he gave in conference. He talks a little more about the history and Purpose of Preach My Gospel at the beginning and then goes in to talking about Peter. It is really a powerful talk but that version appears to be only available to a select audience of full time missionaries, and we aren't to take or make copies of it.

Well in other news this week Odi's son got baptized in California on Saturday also! Odi is very proud and happy and It has motivated him a lot. So much to where he is now on his 4th day without smoking. if he can keep it up than he'll be able to be baptized on the 27th so we're excited about that! The Sister missionaries also have a baptism planned for the 27th so it will be an exciting month for our branch!

We went to Multnomah Falls today. It was really beautiful! We went with 2 other companionships in our zone. We had a lot of fun and got some good pictures. Well I hope everyone has a good week!
-Elder Partridge

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