Monday, November 26, 2012

Hymns on doorsteps

Hello Everybody!
Its been a really good week here in Vancouver. Elder Judd and I are getting really excited for Christmas. We've started singing Christmas hymns to people on their doorsteps. We're also trying to get members to have friends into their home to watch the Joy to the World DVD with them. Another thing is that the Vancouver Stake does a Festival of Nativities every year, the first weekend in December. We're going to go there with some of our investigators this weekend. So lots of exciting preparations for Christmas!
We finally got our Conference ensign, so the conference reading challenge has continued. We're now back on track. I actually think I'll finish well before the end of December. I guess I'll have to start over. I've really enjoyed it. There have been a lot of little things I didn't catch just watching it conference weekend. I loved Packer's talk on the Atonement. I think Ma and Pa will relate to his story about Samoa. They'll at least know what he's talking about, going from Island to island. For me I just recognized the names of the Islands from your letters. I definitely recommend to everyone that they make a plan to read all of the conference talks. That's what the 6 months between are for!
Thanksgiving was tons of fun. We kept limits on the eating appointments we set and only had 1 lunch 1 dinner and 1 dessert. We had lunch with the Abdalah's. They made us a traditional turkey, along with some Hispanic sides, of which included, rice, and arepas. We had dinner with the Morelli family and they made us chicken and mashed potatoes. We had dessert with the Krout's from the English ward. They made a really good brownie. So it was a good day! We were pretty well fed.
I hope everyone else's respective thanksgivings were good wherever they celebrated it. I think we can all agree to meet at the home on Forge Ave. for next year's!
Well I hope everyone has a super duper week. I do like hearing from everyone. Remember Do a Good Turn Daily and remember the reason for the season.
-Elder Derek Partridge

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