Monday, November 12, 2012

Specialized Training

Good day to everyone! we've had a good week! We had interviews and specialized training with Pres. Greer. It was a really good experience. They talked about finding, and how baptisms are great opportunities to find new investigators. We should ask the person being baptized to invite a lot of family, friends, and neighbors to come. They also gave us a new dvd about a guy named German who joined the church and how his mother later joined the church because of the spirit she felt there. Its really good and we're going to start sharing it with the members of the branch. Interviews went well. President Greer just encouraged me to keep up the good work in training Elder Judd, and then he repeated to me how we're getting 60 more missionaries in our mission starting next year and how the Spanish compliment will double. He then told me to expect to train 1, 2, or even 3 more times. So looks like I'll be busy.
Things are going good with Elder Judd, we've been getting around finding and teaching. We're hoping to find 5 new investigators this week. We have about 7 return appointments set up from referrals we have received and from people we've found tracting, so hopefully those will all work out. One of those is the Ex of our Recent Convert, Ismael. We got permission with Pres. Greer to go through with it and we have a fhe set up with her, Ismael and the Alquicira family this Friday! We're excited for that.
Other than that we've just been getting ready for the approaching holiday season. Last Monday i found a Christmas tree at goodwill for cheap cheap cheap, so I got that for our apartment. I'm glad we found that, I had to have a tree for Christmas, no matter how small. So I was glad we were able to find a 6 ft one. We plan to ask for ornament donations from the families we visit so we can get it looking festive.
Well that's about it for this week.
Take care, all!
Elder Derek S. Partridge

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