Monday, May 13, 2013

It's all about Him

We had a good week. Probably won't be as newsy because we skyped yesterday.
We had our last Zone Conference with President Greer on Tuesday. It was awesome. The theme being, "Its all about Him" They had a Mission Presidents Seminar in Seattle, and that is what Elder Jeffrey R. Holland emphasized after all the training was over. Everything in the church, all the organizations and efforts, and meetings are because of the Savior, Jesus Christ. This is his church.
We've been trying to focus more on that the last couple of days. That our purpose is to help people to Follow Jesus Christ. It was good

We found some twins and started teaching them. Fernando, and Angel. They were really excited about it, and than it seemed like there mom told them we couldn't come over anymore. On our second visit this week they said, they didn't want to get confused so they'd think about it and than call us. I hope they do call us, but it seems they were influenced by their mother who didn't want us over.

The Zone Leaders have been teaching a lady named Elvia. She is a single mother with 7 kids. Her and 3 kids are getting baptized on saturday, I got to interview Elvia last weekend and I'm going to baptize one of her kids. It'll be fun. Its a good family.

Well we've got some good things going on this week. We'll be getting transfer calls on saturday so I'll let you know next monday, and than on wednesday will be the transfer. Hope everyone has a good week!

Love you all!

Elder Derek Partridge

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