Monday, June 3, 2013

replanting season

We had a pretty good week. We have been going out to find a lot, it is a replanting season here. I was pleased to have two Hispanic dinners in a row, both of them with homemade tortillas so that was an added bonus. We've had a lot of good dinners with the English wards though, including a fantastic taco soup with really good corn bread. The first corn bread I'd had in a while, man do I love corn bread. Yesterday we had dinner with the Rowley's in Basin City; they are big farmers and have a lot of cherry trees. I guess they harvested 9 million pounds of cherries last season, in 5 weeks. They're a rather enterprising family and also make and sell jams, which we got to try with our dinner rolls. The Cherry Raspberry definitely passed the test. They also make ciders. It was a fun dinner.

We've been working with a single mother to come back to church so her 9 year old son can get baptized and her older sons can get the priesthood, finally this week she said she would for sure come. On Saturday we went to check up on her but she said she said her friend had some work for her on Sunday (she is currently unemployed) so she said she wouldn't be able to come. We talked with her a bit and told her that if she would come to church, God would give her a job. We left it at that. The next day she came with all 3 of her sons! Now we'll wait to see the latter end of that miracle. If she'll keep coming we'll be able to get her son Angel baptized though. That will be good.

Here is the picture for this week. They have a lot of these statues throughout Connell, it is kind of amusing.

Have a good week everyone!

Love, Elder Derek Partridge



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