Monday, June 24, 2013

Worldwide Training

It has been a great week! That picture is from our Zone breakfast last week. They have one at the beginning and end of each transfer. It’s a  nice deal. So now I'm with Elder Taylor Larsen, He is from Sandy, UT. He Graduated in 2012, and was an 18 year old missionary. He came out in January and turned 19 in May. He is a Fun guy, not to be confused with fungi. He's actually rather hygienic. 

Wow the broadcast we had yesterday hit the nail on the head, as usually happens when the prophet and apostles are involved. I'm interested to see how this whole internet proselyting is done. I've heard of them testing it ever since I came out on my mission so it will be interesting to see when it comes into effect here in the WKM. But I loved President Monson's story of the Branch President in Canada. Its faith like that, which make miracles happen. 

Exciting stuff, it looks like. Well things have been going good in the area, I've had to learn my way around the boonies a little better, but now I have the hang of it. I have several good pictures to send, but I forgot my cord, so next week you'll get to see those.

 We had a good family home evening with the Brooks and Davidson's family yesterday. It'll be good to see the dad continue to progress. He has a good heart. 

That is nuts that Clint is already home. Tell him I say, "Hey"

Ask Megan what color of tie I should wear to her wedding?

Things are going real sweet over here. The mission is going to split in 1 week and I'm getting a new President, but it is all good. Its all good in the Basin City/Connell hood.

Have a fantastic week everybody!

Elder Derek Partridge

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