Monday, August 12, 2013

Food Bank

It’s been a sweet week. We volunteer at the local food bank every Tuesday, so we did that this week. It’s been pretty fun. We basically just help people take the food to their cars. I got to talking to the Catholic Priest that was also volunteering. He gives the Spanish sermons too, so we basically talked about learning Spanish. It’s a fun deal.

This week we've been continuing our efforts to pump up the Spanish group. Unfortunately we didn't get a turn out to our volley ball activity, or sacrament meeting. We will keep trying.

We had an exchange this Thursday, after a zone meeting. I went with one of our ZL's Elder Decker and we stayed in Chelan. We got a lot of work done it was awesome. We had just had training on talking to everyone, and so that's what we did. We were able to see a lot of good potentials and a new investigator come from it. One guy we talked to gave us some peaches from his tree and we ate them while we talked to him. The peaches are SOOO good. It’s awesome to be able to get them from anyone's tree.

The Fournier's are doing well, just keep praying for them. We got to go by and teach them this week. We're hoping all will continue to go well. 

Yesterday we went to talk to Martin, we were sitting with him out on a bench in the middle of some apple orchards. We were teaching him the first lesson and he brought up some concerns about apostles and stuff, and also about the gift of tongues. His friend Eleazar came out and sat by us. We talked through the gift of tongues thing with him. Right there in Acts 2 it says everyone understood the apostles in their native language. They weren't babbling. They accepted it and then we had to get going so we said a prayer with them. His friend Eleazar said he really liked our discussion and he was going to ponder about it. So hopefully we'll see some more good stuff from them.

We got transfer calls! Good news I am staying and so is Elder Berg, so I'll be here til the end! Elder Judd got called as a ZL. My boy's doing good! And his trainee, my grandson Elder Sanchez is getting transferred into my district. So it’s going to be a fun last transfer. Still haven't heard what’s happening with Elder Dowuona Hammond, I hear he's doing really good though!

Have a great week!

-Elder Partridge

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