Monday, August 19, 2013


We're going to go help a man named Rich put in sheetrock this week.  He's a former investigator our bishop asked us to go see. He is a really nice guy, he's in his 50's and has long hair but I can see him being a High Priest Group leader. 
We got to change out our car this week with transfers. They sent our '09 Malibu down to Richland and we got a '13 Cruze. So that makes me happy. It's so much smoother to drive. It's like trading in your aircraft carrier for a fighter jet. 

Our guy Fernando got back from Mexico this week. He was visiting his mother who had fallen ill. He's a really solid guy; he has a wife and 3 kids. We were comforting him and shared a bit about how God loves us and blesses our families. 

 We were able to meet with Faustino again, he lives with some rowdy guys in a picker cabin in the orchards. He is kind of surrounded by a bad influence but he likes what we teach him and you can tell he has good desires. We were asking him what he wanted from life and what were his goals, he said his main thing was to get married and have a happy family. We told him that was a good goal, and that we had something that could help him have a happy family, and shared some of the plan of Salvation with him. He was intrigued, we'll be back to talk more with him soon.

Our bishop called all the Priests as Ward Missionaries this week. So it’s time to get them working! There's a good group of 5 or 6 here, and it will be fun working with them. We can get them broken in for their missions.

But that’s about it for this week, Take care everyone!

-Elder Derek Partridge


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  1. Way to work with the priests! Good work, God's work!