Friday, November 25, 2011

Alright! Well the last week is going pretty good. Its kind of a different schedule because of thanksgiving, but we've gotten to see lots of apostles! On tuesday night, D. Todd Christopherson came to our devotional and it was awesome!!!! We were kind of hanging around the side by the parking lot ten minutes after it had ended, and people had cleared out. It was just me and 3 other guys in my district when he came driving by on his way home, He slowed down and rolled down his window and said "Thank you Elders!" and we said thank you back. It was pretty awesome. Today we have a relaxed schedule. We started with breakfast as usual and then study time for an hour and after that we had our Thanksgiving morning devotional, and Russel M. Nelson spoke at that one, so that was really cool. We've been waiting our whole time here to have an apostle come and we're finally getting a couple in our last week! It was a good talk! His wife told us somewhat concerning his achievements as a heart surgeon and then how he dropped it all to become an apostle. After that, we had our thanksgiving dinner in the cafeteria. Not much like home at all. I made sure to get 4 glasses of sprite-cranberry juice so that I could hold to tradition. This afternoon/after dinner we're doing a service project of assembling health kits for the humanitarian services. and tonight we have another devotional, there will definitely be another apostle and it might even be 2 apostles since its a 2 hour devotional.

So thanksgiving, has been alright so far, but I miss family. Seeing apostles will make it worth it though hahaha.

The rest of this week: Tomorrow, we have infield orientation all day. Which I'm not sure exactly what it is. Its like an all day thing for departing missionaries, but I do know we get breaks and somebody said we're encouraged to email or write home during these breaks, and then that moves our Pday to saturday. So I can write home 3 days in a row! To my dismay, the bookstore won't be having a black friday sale at 3 am tomorrow, and they'll actually be closed the whole day, so thats a bummer. Sunday is pretty normal, except we'll be having a departure devotional, which I hear is just pres. Brown Calling out all of the missions and you stand up when he calls your mission, and then he talks for a bit. Monday will be last day of classes, and than I leave on tuesday. The word is that you can call home from the airport and they sell 3 hour phone cards for 5 dollars in the bookstore, so we'll see about it. Love you bunches, I really appreciate and miss everyone in our family today. Thats what I'm thankful for, Mom Dad Heather, Brian, Jordan, Justin, and Megan.

Love you bunches!

-Elder Partridge

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