Friday, April 20, 2012

Romero Family

So some big news this week, eh?! My sister is gettin' hitched! Que Bueno, que bueno, pues.
Dad-Glad you and mom got a double dosage of Conference. I'm pretty excited to get the Ensign so I can read through it again. There were a lot of good talks. How was everybody else's week? The family Emails been a bit quiet!

Well we had a pretty good week here in Boardman. A bit off, but still good. It was Off because Elder Richards got sick, so we had to spend all of Friday, and parts of Saturday and Sunday at home. So during those times, while he was out cold sleeping, I got some extra study in and watched some of our Missionary movies, like Prophet of the Restoration, and the testaments, etc.

For the most part though we had a good week, we got a lot of work done. The Romero Family, the ones who are getting baptized, are all doing well but we had to push the baptismal date back a week because they were going to be out of town. Our stake is also planning a Pioneer Trek for this summer so we went and visited some less active kids and they agreed to go, so that will be a good experience for them. We also got a chance to have a lesson with the Bakers at the Stake Presidents house. I figure you're pretty good if you've got the stake President fellowshipping your investigator. The Dad has a prosthetic leg and he coaches track, and he has 2 sons, one 19 and one 15. They're pretty cool. Before the lesson President Schnell was talking about how they were also friends with the Cook family. I was amused but thought it quite natural that the Cooks and the Bakers would be friends.

I heard from Elder Bao this week in a letter so that was cool. I had written him and gave him the update on Grandview so he was happy for that. Elder Richards will be finishing his mission and going to BYU this fall so that’s exciting. Especially because he had a bad GPA but a good ACT similar to how I did, and he got accepted so maybe there will be hope for me! We'll get to that when the time comes though. This week we had a bit of a better experience in Choir. We practiced the songs again, and we did a lot better on the Bass part, so that’s good. We performed hymn 8 in sacrament meeting and it turned out good!
Well that’s about it for this week, Take care everyone!!!!!!!
Elder Partridge

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