Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hey everyone! With the news of last week, I believe I forgot to inform you that transfers were coming up. I'm going to Yakima tomorrow. We got the call on Saturday. As it always is, I'm not happy to be leaving vancouver, but always excited to get to know a new area, and take another step in my mission. I'll be serving with 3 other elders. Elder Diaz, my companion, and Elders Evans and Gray, the two zone leaders. I was companions with Evans in Boardman, and I was in Elder Gray's district back in Grandview, so that will be cool. It will also be very cool to serve in the Yakima branch. Its the biggest branch in our mission. I'm really excited to go and hit the ground running there.
I'm going to miss vancouver though. I've been here 7 months. This is home. I will definitely have to come back and visit, soon. I promised everyone I would. And have had several people offer me a room, should I return. This was a very good week. We put a big focus on getting investigators to progress. We've done a lot of finding, but it had been hard getting people to keep commitments. As we did this we saw a big success. Raul and Perla, whom we've been teaching for a couple of weeks now, had accepted everything and the book of mormon well and were even willing to be baptized, the only problem was, they wanted to come to church first and see how it was. That really wasn't the problem, the problem being, though they told us they wanted to come see the church, they never did. Every week they would end up not showing up. We'd call them and they wouldn't return our calls on sunday, and then they would recommit to coming to church. This week we just talked to them about how keeping the commitments are steps that build our faith and prepare for baptism and we got them to set a date, and commit to come to church, this sunday, and to our surprise and joy, they came! All three hours! and now they have a baptismal date for March. I'm very content, I can't wait to see there picture in the mission newsletter!
Well I hope everyone has a good week!
Elder Partridge

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