Monday, January 28, 2013


First Week in Yakima, was Awesome! I'm here with my companions, Elder Diaz, Elder Evans, and Elder Calder.
3/4 of us got here on Wednesday. So Elder Diaz and I were doubled in basically. One bonus we have that the 4panionship in the past hasn't had is that we have 2 cars. Before 2 elders would be dropped off in one part of town to walk around and get work done, and find their way back home while the others had the car. But our mission has received more cars, so Elder Diaz and I are blessed to have a brand new Chevy Cruze! Also, with the transfer I got called as District Leader. Our district is made up of us 4 and the Yakima 2nd ward Elders.

Well day 1 in Yakima was sweet, after a long drive, and getting settled in the apartment, Elder Evans gave us a list of former investigators, pmf's and, try backs to go visit. We went out to work, the results of day 1 was 5 new investigators, 3 of those with a baptismal date.

We had an awesome experience this night. We got to this apartment complex. We had no name, just an apartment number. We were walking there when Elder Diaz kicked something that went sliding across the icy ground. We picked it up to find it was a woman's wallet/purse. We opened it up to look for an address. The driver’s license had a wapato address on it, we kept looking and found a bill with the address to that apartment complex, to number a5. That was the apartment we were going to! We went there and delivered the wallet, to Concha, she was very grateful, we told her who we were and she invited us to come back the next day! That next day we taught her the Restoration, she was really excited to learn more and said she felt like we were sent from God, with the purse incident and all. We'd have to agree with that, we know the Lord provided us with that opportunity!

We've found some other interesting new investigators. Marcos and Isabel, who had been going to an English ward and loving it even though they couldn't understand anything.

Ricardo, a guy in his 20's who is going to college to study, engineering, computer programming, microbiology, and quantum physics and another couple who investigated the church in Idaho, who we found tracting. We've just seen a lot of great things happening. The branch is large, the largest in the mission, It very well could go ward, with a little bit more work. I unofficially received a call as primary pianist yesterday at church. They gave me a book and the song they needed me to play next week. 3 days a week, we wake up at 6 to go to the church and exercise, I guess I could take 5-10 minutes out of that to practice. But overall, it’s been an awesome week! The lord has just been opening doors left and right. We’re excited to get a great start to a successful transfer! I hope all have a good week!

-Elder Partridge




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