Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big News

Hey Family! Big News this week!
For Starters, I don't know if you've been reading your church news, (I know I haven't) They just announced the new missions and mission presidents for this July. They announced 58 new missions! How nuts is that? Bringing the number of missions worldwide from 340 something to 400 something. Among those is our very own Vancouver Washington Mission! The changes will be made in July, along with new mission presidents, for Kennewick and Vancouver.
Also, I'm being transferred! I'm opening a new area...... The Yakima South Spanish area! Ok, so actually the area is being divided. I will be in the south part.... TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY, and The Zoneleader 4-ship, Elders Calder, Swenson, Diaz, and his trainee will be covering North Yakima. Two Spanish sister missionaries will be covering Terrace Heights Moxee, and Union Gap, making 8 missionaries in our branch!
This is where were finally starting to really see the effects of President Monson's announcement. We're getting 13 spanish missionaries and only 1 is going home, so... 6 new areas, (one of those for sisters) and it looks like we're beefing up the big branches first. They got another companionship in vancouver, and one in kennewick also among others.
I'm excited to be with an 8 man spanish district. Also, just this week, several golden investigators, in the soon to be yakima south area have come out of the wood work and shown up at church. Its going to be sweet! ME and my soon to be hijo are gonna have a super good transfer, this is also going to be a huge strength to the branch. Its going to be awesome! I don't want to keep Brian Waiting so I'll send this out right now!
-Elder Derek Partridge

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