Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Dear Family,

Glad to hear Ma and Pa are back safe.

The miracles haven't ceased in Yakima. We've seen an awesome week. Concha continues to progress and we've found a ton of new people. I've also been working into my new call as district leader. District meeting went pretty well, I also had the opportunity to go on an exchange with Elder Skeen, have a District Comp Study on member missionary work, and I interviewed Angela Coombs for Baptism on Friday night. I pretty much got to experience everything in week 1.

The exchange went well, It helped me to get a feel for the 2nd ward area a little more. I feel like they putting a huge emphasis on working with members would be good for our whole district. I thought about it and we went over for comp study to study sections from Chapter 9. I've kind of thought about showing or telling members about for spiritual thoughts after dinner, so that they can use it as a resource to do missionary work. I might be mistaken but it seems like a lot of members don't really have a full knowledge of what is and what it has to offer. I think this would be really good. You should all check out It is good!

As far as work in our own area goes, we've been teaching a lot and finding alot, and trying to sift them to find the elect. We've found a lot of very good people, that are very accepting and so I think we'll put a big focus on those ones. We continue to be blessed and see miracles!

Elder Partridge

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