Monday, February 18, 2013

Work Smart

its been a good week! I think the challenge we've had isn't finding investigators, but finding ones that will progress and keep commitments. It made me think of an mtc devotional a long time ago, from Elder D. Todd Christofferson. He told us something to the effect of, "on your mission never hesitate to stop and evaluate the effectiveness of what you're doing."

It made me think, because it seems though as we have put in a lot of effort, we haven't seen it be as effective as we would like, and so this week we're going to talk about Finding, and finding effectively; working smart, not just hard. I think that’s going to be good advice for the rest of my life.

We did have a great lesson with the Pimentel family, which consists of Manuel, a 28 year old, convert of 3 years, got back from a mission 2 months ago, solid. His 2 nonmember brothers and there wives and kids. We had a very spiritual lesson, and basically established that we're here to help them enjoy the blessings of the gospel, so we made some headway there. Manuel has been fun to go on exchanges with. It makes him miss his mission, I feel bad for him. He is a star, though. Playing primary in piano has been good. I've been enjoying and slowly improving. I've pretty much mastered mi padre celestial me ama, with the right hand even though it has 3 flats. so I'm doing good!

I'm going to have to start up piano lessons with Sister Paul after the mission...

Well that’s all I have for you, have a great week

-Elder Partridge

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