Monday, September 9, 2013

Are you allowed to drink?

Hey Family! It’s been a great week. We had our District Meeting on Brewster on Tuesday. We were talking about the importance of preparing our investigators to keep commitments in helping them prepare to make and keep the baptismal covenant. Afterwards we ate at La Milpa. It was quite tasty I got a Torta and a large horchata for only 4.75. What a deal!

 On Wednesday Elder Berg went to Spokane for a doctor appointment and I got to go out with the High priest group leader, Bro. Nelson, during the afternoon and with a priest named Aaron during the evening. It was a great day. We got to see several inactive members and teach several investigators and find some service opportunities to open people’s hearts. I was reminded of the value of working with members because I felt like it opened doors to have a member with me. Figuratively and literally. People know them from the community or from church service and so are more willing to let us in. 

We got a similar message from our Bishop yesterday in a meeting with us and our WML Jeffrey England. He told us when we don't have anything to do, get in the members’ homes, befriend them, inspire them, challenge them. His family had been strengthened much in the past by interactions with missionaries and so that's what he wanted us to do. So on Sunday afternoon we got two of our priests, Manny and Joe, and we did a split. We were out covering more ground, teaching investigators and visiting and challenging members. It was a very beneficial thing and we decided we will try to do this every Sunday afternoon.

This morning I read 3 conference talks Catch the Wave By Elder Russell M. Nelson, We Are One By President Henry B. Eyring, and Come, All Ye Sons of God By President Thomas S. Monson to refresh my member missionary knowledge.

On Thursday we moved in with the Riggins. They are an older couple that live on the south shore, so it’s a new environment. We have a great view out our window of the lake. I'll send you a picture of that.

We were finally able to meeet with the Fournier’s again. Their daughter Joann will be baptized on the 22nd but Sis. Fournier isn't quite ready. We hope we can get them all squared away soon! Also it rained a lot on Thursday night.

We had kind of a surprise when we went to visit Juan Valdovinos the other day. He is someone that we just started teaching. His roommate was already an investigator. He showed mild interest over the past 2 weeks. Then when we were going to teach him that night he asked us, "are you allowed to Drink in your church?" we told him we don't drink beer. He asked if we could do a couple of other things, the answer was the same, "We don’t do that" and then an explanation of why a loving heavenly father gives commandments. The next question surprised us, "What does one need to do to join your church?" He accepted the invitation to be baptized, and we will continue teaching and preparing him in the coming weeks.

 We've been seeing many miracles and how the lord prepares people to hear his message!

Have a great week everybody!

-Elder Partridge

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