Monday, September 2, 2013

Super duper week

This week has been super duper! 
We have been teaching an autistic 10 year old named Jesus. His parents are less active. His sister, who suggested we teach him and his mom also would like him to get baptized. So we taught him the 3rd lesson. It has been interesting, because he isn't always very engaged or interested in what we are teaching. One of his favorite things to do is to go to Walmart so they can buy DVD's. He gets pretty anxious about this and if he doesn't get his way he gets pretty upset. One day he said "No More Church!" and so his mom replied "No more Walmart" He was devastated to say the least. We were able to get him a baptismal date this week though!
With the septic stuff all figured out we were able to start helping rich with his sheet rock. We got the hard part basically done, the ceiling so we'll go back another day to help with the rest. He came to church yesterday so that was good.
We got too much Ice cream this week. it seemed like every dinner they said, "I hope you have room for dessert, we have Ice cream!" the Tillamook Udderly chocolate flavor is to die for though.
We got to have interviews on Friday! It was exciting. President basically just told me to Keep working hard. I guess when you're at my point that's about all there is to say. It was a good experience. I gave a training on why we shouldn't be pushy or manipulative, nor vague or apologetic when inviting people to repent. I got a lot of laughs so I guess that is good.
On Saturday we went to help clean up after the library book sell. It was another good service opportunity. They had us boxing up books and carrying them outside. 
We had a cool day yesterday, we got squared away with our Ward Missionary A-team and who was coming out with us when. We got to go with Manny, a recent convert to go visit some people in the afternoon. It was awesome, he had a good time and it helped to rekindle the flame of the gospel in his life.
There is a lady named Yadira that we have been trying to teach but have never found her husband home. We found out she had taken English classes from the church and really liked the teachers, Bro. and Sis. Hanks. So we invited the Hanks to go with us last night and had a lesson with her. While in the end she told us she was catholic and didn't want to pursue it more she did say she would read the Book of Mormon. Dropping someone doesn't seem so bad when you know they have friendship with members already.
It was a super duper week!
-Elder Partridge

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  1. Sounds like a good week! Way to work with families!