Monday, February 13, 2012

transfer calls coming

Well its been a good week in Grandview. Were working hard on finding new people to teach. We're going to try to get more referrals from members, because tracting isn't really effective. We had district meeting on Tuesday and had pizza afterwards, and on Saturday we had our branch Valentines fiesta. It was pretty sweet. We were hoping to get some more investigators out than we did, but every one has been so busy lately! Man we look forward to these branch activities because they're very non threatening and they get investigators to come to the church and meet people without them having to worry about being at a real church service. Anyways it was fun, we've got to work more with the members for finding people and inviting friends to church activities. That will help a lot. This week we'll be having Zone P day. So we'll be driving up to Yakima in a little bit. This Saturday is (drum roll...) Transfer Calls! Its hard to believe it but this transfer is almost over, along with my training. I've enjoyed my time with Elder Bao and the training he's given me, and I'm also excited to see what the future has coming. I hope to stay in grandview. that's what will most likely happen since Bao has been here longer. I guess we'll see!

As far as investigators go, the biggest success is with Patricia and family. She has a fellowshipper with the Oropeza family, and we've been teaching her about once a week. She's been reading and feeling the spirit, so hopefully we'll see some good success!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! PEACE!

Besos y abrazos

Elder Partridge

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