Monday, February 6, 2012

10 contacts

Its been a good week here in Grandview! All these pictures are from the drive to Mabton.
So another week of work here in Grandview! This week we had a bunch of tracting, a bunch of Recent Convert/Less Active visits, and quite a low church attendance in contrast to last weeks, but we're continuing to press forward! We got like 10 return appointments scheduled, when we went tracting with our Zone leader Elder Bale, but as usually happens, many of them fell through and one of them we got in and started talking to the Lady, and it was going alright, then her son came in and just wanted to bash, but we tried to keep going and avoid him but we weren't able to progress much. Ludy has been hit with some pretty bad trials lately and we weren't able to see her most of the week. Her powers got cut out, but all is well now. She's getting a lot of resistance whenever we try to move towards baptism, so we're praying hard for her to overcome these trials.

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