Monday, February 20, 2012


This week has been super good, We had zone p day last week and went up to Yakima and ate lunch and played ultimate Frisbee and whiffle ball and stuff. It was fun, and we took a group picture.

We had district meeting and also another burger party to celebrate last week of the transfer, which brings us to the moment everyone's been waiting for......... Transfer Calls!

Elder Bao, is getting transferred to Longview on the other side of the mission. Elder Swenson, will be my new companion! I guess I'll include some of Elder Bao's goodbye pictures with the people in the branch here.

Elder Johnson, the missionary who has been training Elder Hundley in my district, is being transferred to Basin City!!!!!! Elder Gray will be his new companion.

Other than that zone leaders are staying one of the sisters is getting transferred and everybody else is staying.

I'll miss Elder Bao, but I'm excited to be out of training! Change is always good.

As far as gators go, we got Patricia + family at church yesterday, and they really enjoyed it. and also one of our new investigators, Elvira brought one of her sons. Everybody is progressing pretty well. We actually got a pretty good amount of New investigators this week. Elder Swenson will be transferred in to a promising area, so we can buckle down and get to work and have a lot of success.

Well thats about it! other than that, it snowed this morning, and it was melted by 10.

Have a good week!!!!!!!!

Elder Partridge

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