Monday, August 13, 2012

The temple was beautiful!

Hey everybody!!!
It has been a very good transfer week in vancouver. I picked up Elder Anderson at the stake center early Wednesday morning, and after getting shopping done and going to the apartment to get him unpacked, we buckled down and got to work! So we've seen some cool things happen this week. On Wednesday we went and knocked some doors and found a new investigator! Luis! He let us come in right away which is always a great sign. We got to know him a bit and set up a return appointment for Friday. We went by Friday and taught him the Restoration and it went well! He said we could come back next saturday so we're excited to see how things go with him!
We weren't able to meet with Carlos this week. They're busy working and trying to find an apartment, but he did make it out church yesterday so that was very good! He said he'd call us back today to set up an appointment to teach him.
On Saturday there was a baptism for Nicole Morelli. She is 8 years old and her Family is from Chile. Her grandma, Sonia, met with the missionaries and was baptized several years ago. Sonia is the nicest little old lady in the world. The branch affectionately calls her Abuelita. Anyways after her baptism she went to do baptisms for the dead in the temple. She felt the spirit so well there that she excitedly went home and told her daughter, Ingrid (Nicole's mother) "Ingrid, the temple was so beautiful! You need to get baptized so you can go to the temple!" So next Ingrid met with the missionaries and got baptized. Her husband Gino was thoroughly uninterested in all of this, so for the last couple of years Ingrid has been going to church with her daughters and her mother, and Gino started coming out here and there for special occasions. Well this Saturday we had the baptism for Nicole and Gino and lots of other family came and it was a really good experience. Gino definitely felt the spirit. So our job this transfer is to help him resolve his word of wisdom issues and finally get baptized!
The gospel and its temple ordinances are the greatest blessings we can have!
Thats all of the biggest news this week! We went to the Morelli's for dessert last night before going home and a former sister from the mission was there visiting. Turns out she is from Tempe and was in the same singles ward as Brian! Small World!!
Well I love y'all! have a great week

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