Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Well its been a great week here in V-dub. (I think thats the latest nickname I've heard for it.) Its been a little slow this week. Some of our investigators and families we visit have been busy so we weren't able to meet with them, but the ones we did meet with went good. We found 2 new investigators this week, Erica and Rogelio. We taught them together at Erica's house this week about the Restoration. They seemed to take it well and are eager to read the BoM and learn more. We met with Luis again this week. He's taking everything pretty seriously, so thats good. We left him with a goal to read at least 5 pages in th Book of Mormon this week and pray about it and then from there he'll decide if he wants to come to church this Sunday. We're excited for him. We haven't been able to meet with Carlos or Odi, but we talked to Gino Morelli on Friday night and told him we want to help him to quit smoking and be baptized like his wife and daughter. Also Todd Kanekoa, a member of the branch, came back this week. I guess every summer he usually leaves vancouver to work and earn money and now he's back. He brought his friend German, who has read from the BoM and is interested in the Gospel. So we set up an  appointment to meet with him this Tuesday. So things are going good!
Friday we had the Branch campout, we were able to go for a little bit on Friday night. I hear it was a success and that they all had a lot of fun. It was a little sad that none of our investigators, that we invited could go, though. Oh well, there's always next months activity. Next month they will be having a cultural night, so that should be lots of fun. We have a pretty diverse branch. We have families from Chile, El Salvador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Mexico. Those are all I can think of but there could be more!\
Well tomorrow we have interviews, which I'm pretty excited for, its been a while since my last interview and I look forward to talking to President and Sister Greer. Elder Anderson is getting a root canal on Thursday. It should be an eventful week! Que les vaya bien!!!!
-Elder Derek S. Partridge

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