Friday, August 10, 2012

transfer call

Well on to this weeks news!
First and Foremost, we received the transfer call saturday afternoon, and Elder Hundley will be transfered to Toppenish. I'll be receiving a new companion, Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson is actually in our zone right now so I know a little bit about him. He started his mission in Mexico, and then he got a parasyte and had to come back to the states. He's got a couple of months left before he goes home in december. He is from Oklahoma and seems to be a good missionary, so I look forward to serving with him. I'll be sad to see Elder Hundley go, its been a good transfer and we got a lot of work done, but so it goes in the life of a missionary. Something unexpected happended yesterday after sacrament meeting. First, Elder Hundley went to talk to Carlos to tell him he was being transferred, and when he approached him, Carlos said he wanted to get baptized and he wanted it to be a surprise to Ana Laura. So we told him we'd teach him the rest of the lessons and make it happen. (There is a catch, he's either going to have to marry her, or move out before he can get baptized) But we'll figure that out soon enough. So next we went to tell President Ross, our branch president. When we walked up to him he told us that Odie, the brother of sister Morelli, who had investigated the church earlier but got a busy job and couldn't meet with the missionaries for a long time, had gotten a job with more flexibility, he showed up to church that day, and told Pres. Ross that he wanted to prepare to  be baptized. Just like that! within 5 minutes of eachother, we have 2 investigators that want to be baptized! Needless to say that was a very good sunday.
Well Its hard to believe its august already, and that another transfer has gone by. Its really crazy! Time flies! Well I Hope everyone has a great week! Love y'all
-Elder Derek Partridge

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