Monday, July 22, 2013

Augustine/ April Blog

Dear Family,
Glad to hear Ma and Pa are back in the coop. Sounds like a good scoop. We've had a good week here. I think the coolest thing that happened, was that my trainer, Elder Bao, or I should say Christian Bao, came back to visit the mission. He came to the baptism on Saturday. That was cool, he is doing well at BYU. He finished his first semester and is starting his second. I can tell his accent is fading. He hasn't been speaking Spanish very much, I imagine. He is doing good though. The other elders had a baptism, for a guy named Santos. His cousin, Leonardo was baptized a couple of years ago in Pasco. He moved to Utah and spent some time volunteering at the MTC. He recently moved back and brought Santos to church. They had been teaching him for a while and now he was ready so it was a cool experience. This week, we have been working really hard. We ended up tracting a ton. We saw fruit Sunday afternoon when Augustine, a 16 year old, we had been teaching, decided to be baptized. We're going to work with him to get him ready for may 18th, and hopefully get his grandmother more involved too. His father died several years ago and so he has been raised by his grandma. Its been really good!
A lot of our other friends are doing well too.
I've loved listening to conference again through the week. I see some common themes with maintaining the home as a refuge from the world, and member missionary work, ministering, and rescuing. It was truly a good conference.
Well I hope all have a great week!
-Elder Partridge

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