Monday, July 22, 2013

mission transition

So here's what’s up on the Chelan Front, Its way beautiful out here. Just picture a Blue lake in a valley with beautiful homes, and green orchards up the hills on either side. It’s ridiculous how scenic this place is. We cover a ward with a little Spanish group. It’s a nice area. I'm with Elder Berg; he is from Ogden, UT. He's a cool guy!

So we've been working with a Spanish family, they're son,Manny got baptized a couple weeks ago. He is 16 years old, so now we're working on getting the rest, his mother is pretty receptive. It should be good. He is reading the Book of Mormon a lot and getting in to it.

Our ward is very missionary minded. The main topic of ward council, Sacrament meeting, Gospel Doctrine, and Priesthood was Member Missionary work. I thought it was interesting how that worked out. I hope everyone is getting the message! 

The Spokane mission to Kennewick mission transition has been kind of bumpy, that’s why they sent us up here to see if we could smooth things out. At first among the elders in my district I felt like I was in enemy territory but things have gotten a lot better. It’s been hard to politely say, yes I know that’s how your old Mission President, AP, Zone Leader, District leader, did things, but we do things differently in this mission. It’s going take patience.

It’s a beautiful area though, one I didn't ever imagine going too, but I'm glad to be here, and glad to get some good work done here.

Apparently this is a hot spot for summer homes. So far I've heard that someone from the band stone temple pilots, and guns n roses have one up here. Apparently the stone temple pilots one drives a hummer around. I've seen a black hummer twice. I wonder if it was him...

We went to have dinner with and teach the future son in law of a family that is staying in a summer cabin up in the mountains to the east, they said the guy from stone temple pilots lives in their "neighborhood" Driving up there was like driving up the trail at camp Geronimo, it was just dirt with pine trees on either side.

It’s a very fun, interesting area. And I'm excited to see more of what it has in store.

Have a good week everyone,

Elder Partridge

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