Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Member Missionary Work

Dear Family, sorry I'm getting to you late. We have temple P-day today so we had an extended week. We've had a lot of good happen. We've been going around to our bishops and members sharing our message about the member missionary work. We continue to see a good response. We bore our testimonies in both of the wards on Sunday. We're basically just rallying support. It’s working though. Sister Hadley, whose husband is in the stake presidency got up and bore her testimony also, and then after the meeting asked us how she could help, so we set up a dinner appointment for the next day, where we extended our member missionary challenge. I think the members as a whole are impressed by the service and proselyting work we've done, and so they want to help. It continues to go well. We have another Idea; we decided to start doing companionship studies with Priests in the wards to teach them from preach my gospel. This is also going to be a very good thing. We're trying to do all we can to build the trust of the members. It’s going quite awesomely.

As far as service goes, we've done remodeling, weed spraying, and wood chopping in the past week. Which I imagine has also contributed to the success. We've got some appointments set up with new people to teach them so hopefully we'll be able to see more and more results!

We got to meet the Ware's on the 4th! They are awesome. I just think they're so wonderful; it takes away the pain of seeing the Greer's leave. They're from Draper Utah, and they have lived there awhile. President Ware is a very cheerful man; it’s going to be fun serving with him.

We talked to a really interesting guy while tracting out in the middle of nowhere. His name was Chris, and he has 6000 acres of farm. He let us right in and we had a talk with him. He's a widower in his 50's. He had a Smithsonian model of the Star ship Enterprise on his bookshelf. He was really nice, but not too interested. It’s a cool, interesting area here. Most people farm a couple hundred to a couple thousand acres; those guys that have any less are "hobby farmers." I think it'd be kind of nice to be a farmer.

Well I hope y'all have a good week! Thanks for the letters and love.

Elder Partridge


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