Monday, July 15, 2013


Things are going great in Connell. One thing we decided to try out is doing companionship study with the priests. We tried it out with Brent Rowley from Basin City on Wednesday night. It was awesome; we studied from Preach my Gospel, and practiced some teaching. It turned out well.

There is a girl named Dyoni that has been coming to church since November, we were able to go teach her and her cousin with Sister Hadley. It went really well and it was a very spiritual lesson.

So the big news for this week is I'm getting transferred. It’s more of a shuffle of the mission, not a full on transfer, since we're not getting new missionaries and none are going home. The purpose is to mix the missionaries in our new boundaries, and get ready for the 38 new missionaries we'll be receiving in August. It caught me by surprise. I'm getting transferred up to Chelan, WA tomorrow. I'll send pictures next week. I'll be sad to go, the members and people here are awesome. I think I'm going to see if I can come back to work in Bishop Hawkins Cherry orchards next summer, to make some money. That would be a fun excuse to come visit, and make money.

 Well not much to report because I just emailed you last Wednesday, but I’m doing good and am excited to see what Chelan has in store.


Have a great week everyone!

Elder Partridge

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