Monday, January 2, 2012


Andele Pues... This week was super good! Well I gotta tell you more about Eduardo. He's doing great! So of course last week we had his confirmation on Christmas. Well this week we heard from him and he told us his sister Ludy, who attended the baptism, wanted to start taking lessons from us and be baptized, and so does her son Jose who is 9 years old. They both have seen a great change in Eduardo and want to have that for themselves also. Eduardo is like one of the people in Lehi's dream, who takes of the fruit of the tree of life, and then wants to share it with everyone so that they can experience the great happiness of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its really fantastic. So basically every time we met with Eduardo this week, and when he came to church, he brought a friend or someone in his family along with him. He's really being a great missionary. and this sunday he received the Aaronic Priesthood, and blessed the sacrament at church. He's really progressing great.

Pedro and Isela have been out of town most week, so we're excited to get to meet with them again now that they're back. They're both really open to everything.

Did you see the church's new Apple Commercial? It made me question my testimony a bit... I don't think President Monson endorsed this... afterall, as Elder Hundley just said, "Apple inc. is the great and abominable church of the Devil." Hehehehe anyways they have the new videos about the Birth of Jesus there and they're pretty cool.

Oh by the way, Happy new year! Feliz ano nuevo! It is now 2012. Its going to be a great year! New years eve was pretty cool, we ate dinner and visited some people then we had to be home early, so we just kind of chilled and then went to bed around 10:15. Pues, I'm running out of things to write! Thats all that was really notable this week. I guess have a great week and a happy new year.

-Elder Partridge

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