Monday, January 23, 2012

snowcaves and zone conference

January 23, 2012-Well this week has been a little different! I started driving at the beginning of the transfer; I think I forgot to tell you that. So I've gotten the area down good. If you've been watching weather reports for the Yakima valley and Tricities, you'll know that starting Wednesday, we got a ton of snow! It kind of hindered the work a little bit. We weren't supposed to drive on Wednesday, so we shoveled the white's driveway, and begun work on a little snow cave for their grandkids. After that we went to our Lunch with President Bingham, and from there we walked to visit a couple people. Thursday we had Zone Conference in Selah, a little bit past Yakima. They told us it was still on and just to drive carefully. So I drove in freezing rain like 50 miles, it was pretty intense, but we got their safely and had a good Zone Conference, and It snowed more while we were there! So at the end of zone conference we went out and everyone helped get ice and snow off of the cars, and we all drove home, carefully.

As far as investigators go, Angela is on date for Baptism the first Saturday in March, We met with them about twice this week and it went well. We just have to keep resolving their concerns. I got a picture with them out in the snow.

John Trevino, I think I told you about Connie. She's a former investigator that we started meeting with again; she's in her 70's. She believes Joseph Smith to have been a prophet and the Book of Mormon to be the word of god, and she won't be baptized because she was baptized in the Catholic Church. So we're going to have to figure that out. John is her husband, we hadn't talked with him until this week, when we went to visit Connie and he was the only one home. We had an interesting conversation, in which he told us a couple stories about his life, and then he related the Mormon Pioneer history to us, told us Joseph Smith was a prophet, and said he doesn't believe the catholic church anymore, because they enslaved his ancestors to mine gold for the Vatican, and told us to tell his nephew, Jorge Cortez, from the branch presidency, that he wants a ride to church, and he wants to become a Mormon. So that was pretty awesome! I look forward to telling more later!

Well the bad news, we’ve been having trouble getting over to Ludy's house. She didn't come to church this week, her baptism was supposed to be this Saturday but we're going to have to push the date back a couple weeks and try again!

Well other than that, it’s been a fun snowy week! Take Care everyone!

Besos y Abrazos!

Elder Partridge

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