Monday, January 9, 2012

The field is white

Alright, Well it has been quite a good week. We've seen our increased finding efforts the past 2 weeks transfer over to an increased amount of lessons this week! It all starts with finding. Another reason for our success is that we taught a lesson about member missionary work in priesthood, and we got some referrals from that. So that has been good. Transfers are this week! I finished my first transfer in the mission field! Of course, I'm staying put, because I have another transfer until Elder Bao will be done training me, and then I'll likely stay in grandview after that, while Elder Bao get transferred elsewhere. Well one of our zone leaders, Elder Bejarano is getting transferred out, so we'll miss him. We're going to yakima in a couple minutes to play some basketball and wish him well! This week we had Zone leader exchanges, so he actually got to come with me and Elder Bao and meet some of our investigators, so that was nice that we got to do that before he gets transferred. One of these pictures is of Elder Bao and I outside the church with him, after the exchange. We'll miss him.

Well aside from that we had some more progress with Ludy, and Jose. Ludy is Eduardo's sister who lives 2 trailers down from him. She's the one we started teaching last week. And Jose is her son. she's a single mother. Anyways, committed her to get baptized on January 28 with her son Jose! Its going to be really awesome because Eduardo will be the one baptizing her! We also started teaching Ilse, another one of Eduardo's sisters, and her family. She has a husband, and 3 kids. Edvin, her oldest is 14, and eduardo brought him to church last week. They seem pretty interested, we met with them twice this week, and we'll be trying to put them on date for baptism pretty soon. Thats all for Eduardo's family tree this week.

Pedro and Isela, have been super busy all week, so we haven't been able to meet with him, but Pedro got not 1, but 2 jobs! So thank you for all of your prayers for him. I included a picture of them, 2 of their daughters, Elder Bao and I at the Christmas party.

We met a lot of really nice people this week, so hopefully we'll be able to see them progress good as well. Well thats all for this week! Bu bye!

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