Monday, January 16, 2012

super great week

Another super great week! We've visited a lot of people and found some new ones.

Ludy is doing good. She has been working at Jack in the Box a lot of days from afternoon until late, so we've been having to meet with her earlier this week. Jose has been diligently trying to read the Book of Mormon, but he's 9 and its a little hard for him to get it, especially since he has no religious background really. We are going to get him the Book of Mormon story book with the pictures though and that should help. They came to Church yesterday!!! So that was good, we're winding in towards their baptismal date, so we're trying to teach them as much as possible. Eduardo has come with us for most lessons so that's good. They're well on their way!

Pedro and Isela, we finally got to meet with them again, because Pedro's been busy with the job, stuff has been coming up a lot so they still haven't been to church, but we're going to try to get them a fellow-shipper and that should help.

The Rivera's I haven't mentioned in awhile. Half of them were on date for last month and half weren't, they didn't ever come to church so they've all fallen off date for baptism, and they aren't really progressing at all. They still welcome us in their home to read the Book of Mormon with them, they've got some work that needs to be done. I think getting them out to some activities will help a lot. They need a big social conversion, before they'll start coming to church, but we're not giving up on them!

Odilia, is another I haven't mentioned in awhile. She was on date for this month, but she went out of town for Christmas, and now she's home, and now that she's got a job, she's too good for the gospel. Whenever we go over, she tells her kids to tell us she's busy. So that's kinda sad. Oh well, we might drop them, and leave the record for missionaries to try back in a couple months.

Luis Velasquez, was also on date, and he's disappeared. He basically told us he wasn't to ready to get baptized and he wanted to do it at a later date, and then he never met with us again. We still call him ever so often, but he never answers. And we were meeting with him at a member's house so we don't know where he lives. So hmmm, maybe he'll turn up eventually.

Apolo and Angela, are progressing pretty well, we told them to pray and select a baptismal date, so this week we'll see how that went. Apolo has bad eyesight, so we got him the BoM on CD. So that'll be good.

So we've had a good week. On Friday, we had a barbecue, burger party and invited the sunnyside spanish elders. It was pretty awesome. I also included some pictures of our trailer park dog buddies, and a picture of me and Toby, from this morning. (note the haircut) Well thats about it.

Have a great week.

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