Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Part Member Family

Well lets see here. It has been a pretty good week, our Pday is on Tuesday this week because of the temple trip. So we went to The Columbia river temple this morning with our zone. It was pretty cool! Its nice to get a trip to Tricities in every once in a while to stop by the mission office and say hi, and to go to Far West Books, which is our equivalent of Deseret Book.

We've gotten back on track with Ludy. Things are going good we've moved their baptismal date to Feb. 11th. We met with her a couple times last week.

We found a PMF (Part Member Family) That nobody ever told us about. We found their son named Brian when we were at somebody else's house. He's 14 years old, he said Oh you're the missionaries! You used to come to my house like 2 years ago. So we were like, Oh, where do you live? And he told us where and everything, and after finding we had the wrong house number and asking around we found him. He wasn't in our teaching records for some reason, but we found his family and started talking to them to find out, the mom, and 2 sons had all been baptized a couple years ago! Her current husband is a Nonmember so we're hoping to get all of them coming to church and After the appointment, we checked the ward list, and there they were, in the records with the current address and everything! We met with them again this week and gave them several copies of the Book of Mormon, because they had lost there's when they moved. There son Alex is Solid! He's sixteen now, but when he was 11 he got half way through the BoM before they moved and lost them and he's super excited to get started again, I can tell he'll be helping his little brothers and sisters out. Rosa, the mom is excited to start reading again too, we had a lesson about scripture study and we told them if they'd read as a family daily they'd have more peace in their home. Its going to be awesome to get them activated and coming to mutual and stuff.

Well thats about it, Have a great week!

-Elder Partridge

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